Color coating Project in Salem, MA

New England Seal Coating recently completed a color coating project in Salem, MA. Our team is trained and certified to use special color coating systems from several major manufacturers, such as California Products Corporation and Neyra Industries. We use several color coating systems, including DecoColor®, DecoTurf®, and DynaFlex®.

These photos come from two projects in Salem, MA. The first was a splash pad with white, blue, and light blue colors. These aqua themed colors make for a fun summer splash pad.

The second project was for a multi-sports court on Ward St. in Salem, MA. We loved the choice of a purple, green and white striped court.


We provide services to commercial and industrial property owners in over 100 cities throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. For more information about color coating services from New England Sealcoating, please contact us at 800.225.4015.


Prevent Water Damage with Fresh Sealcoating

April showers bring May flowers but they can also diminish the quality of your paved surface.  Water is a primary agent of pavement erosion and can even get inside small cracks, creating severe damage from the inside out. Luckily, there’s an easy and affordable way for you to keep your parking lots, driveways, roads, walkways, and other asphalt protected: Sealcoating from NESCO!


We are experts in asphalt sealcoating with over 70 years of experience in our industry. Our crews are certified in pavement repair, restoration, and resurfacing and are specially trained to use only the best products in the industry.

Prepare for April downpours with sealcoating, which can reduce or completely prevent water damage to your paved surfaces.


Prevent Erosion and Water Infiltration

A sealcoat is a thin liquid layer added over pavement that acts as a protective barrier. That means that the sealcoating, not your pavement, takes the brunt of all damage from UV rays, rain, snow, ice, and water. Regularly applying a sealcoat not only keeps your pavement protected but keeps it beautiful and smooth.


Water Management

Sealcoating is an important aspect of storm water management. Waterproof and protective, sealcoating allows water to run off into surrounding storm drains and prevents it from collecting and damaging your surface.


If you want to keep your asphalt surface attractive, functional, and safe be sure to protect it from the damaging effects of water.  Now is the perfect time to prepare for springtime showers. Call New England Sealcoating for fast, affordable service in your area. We provide service to commercial and industrial property owners in over 100 cities throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.


3 Reasons Why You Should Sealcoat Your Asphalt This Spring

The long awaited and highly anticipated spring season is here! The sun is shining, temperatures are climbing and snow is melting to reveal…severe asphalt damage!  Without proper sealcoating and protection from the elements, your asphalt pavement may have taken the brunt of the winter season. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate the condition of your asphalt and take the first steps towards repair, restoration, and protection.

Need a little push to get started? Here are 3 reasons why spring is the best time to sealcoat your asphalt.


  1. Durability & Resilience of Your Sealcoating

Sealcoating doesn’t cure as well during the fall and winter because of cold temperatures. Late spring has the perfect weather and temperature conditions for a faster, stronger curing process and more beautiful sealcoating results.


  1. Curb Appeal

Winter is the most damaging season for your sealcoating, and it shows!  Melting snow often reveals corrosion, pot holes, cracks, fading, and other signs of damage that diminish the beauty of your entire paved surface.  Improve the curb appeal of your home or business and give your asphalt some springtime TLC so it stays beautiful and protected all year long.


  1. Prepare for Summer Damage

Though the ice, snow, and melting agents of winter have the worst effect on your sealer, summer comes with its own sealcoat enemies. Prolonged sun exposure and intense heat during summer can lead to cracks, fading and other forms of unsightly damage. Stay one step ahead by sealcoating in the spring and keep your sealcoating as beautiful as the summer sun.


Choosing the right pavement maintenance company can be difficult. Let New England Sealcoating, the experts in asphalt repair and resurfacing, bring your parking lot, road, walkway or other paved surface back to life. We have over seven decades of expertise in our industry backed by a reputation of quality service and dedication to our customers. If your pavement is in need of care this spring, call New England Sealcoating for fast, affordable service.