How Long Does Sealcoating Last?

Individuals who are debating sealcoating their asphalt usually want to know how long the process will last before it has to be completed again.  The answer depends on a variety of factors that impact the longevity of your asphalt surface such as how often it is maintained, the weather it is exposed to, how often it is used, and much more. The good news for those who are asking this question is that if you take proper care of your asphalt surface and have it sealcoated early on in its life the process will last much longer, and it keeps your asphalt in top condition for years to come.

Regular Maintenance following sealcoating is one of the biggest factors that affects the lifespan of an asphalt surface. There is maintenance that needs to be performed on the surface when called for such as sweeping away any debris or foreign contaminants. In addition to regular sweeping, it is recommended to pressure clean the surface every year in areas where mildew, mud, or other contaminants that the regular sweepings cannot take care of. Constant moisture damages your pavement.

Although extremely durable, asphalt is not indestructible and needs proper maintenance. As with anything that is subject to be outside during all of mother nature’s elements, it is susceptible to extreme weather conditions from the hot and cold as well as wet and dry weather. Each type of weather will affect the asphalt in its own unique way. For instance, colder weather can lead to severe cracking within asphalt surface due to repetitive freezing and thawing over time. Whereas on the other hand, very hot weather can promote fading and work to deteriorate the asphalt’s surface. This can be problematic for sports surfaces such as Tennis, Basketball and Pickleball Courts. New England Sealcoating is proud to offer services for those who need to maintain their asphalt sport surface.

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Sealcoating Benefits For Property Managers

As anyone who is in property management knows, there are countless maintenance tasks that need to be addressed on a regular basis to ensure that the entire process does not fall victim to falling short. One part of the property that many mangers tend to overlook is their asphalt surfaces. These surfaces can have much more of an impact on the overall wellbeing of your property than you realize as properly taken care of asphalt surfaces provide property managers with a variety of benefits pertaining to various different topics such as customer acquisition, required maintenance, and much more.

Extended Pavement Life

The first, and most obvious benefit provided by sealcoating is that is extends the life of your asphalt surface. There are many factors that contribute to the lifespan of your asphalt surface such as the amount of traffic it sees, how often maintenance is performed, and much more. It is generally recommended that asphalt pavement is sealed every 2-5 depending on a variety of factors.

Avoid Unwanted Moisture

One of the most common problems such as the amount of traffic, weather conditions, plowing, sanding, age and texture of the pavement. Business owners and Property managers face strict budgets and planning for when asphalt pavement is in need. Cracking which develops overtime, should be filled as soon as they start to appear. This preventative maintenance is crucial to longevity of your asphalt.

Sealcoating helps to  decrease the loss of flexibility of the pavement caused by the Ultra Violet Rays of the sun, thus minimizing the impact that the freeze/thaw cycle has on your asphalt pavement. Sealcoating asphalt pavement regularly helps to protect it from Mother Nature’s elements and helps to keep asphalts keep chemicals and oils off of the asphalt directly, which will only add to the asphalt lasting a lot longer.

Added Layer of Protection

Although asphalt pavement looks indestructible it is quite the contrary as there are a variety of outside factors that lead to damage. These factors include things such as oxygen, water, UV rays, oil, and gas. The sealcoating acts as an added layer of protection for the asphalt pavement to buffer against any exposure to these damaging factors.

Attract Potential Visitors

In addition to all of the benefits that sealcoating provides in terms of keeping your sealcoating in optimal health, it also helps to keep its appearance in great shape to which in turn leads to a much more attractive proposition for potential visitors, tenants and inventors than a worn out, cracked, pavement.

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Ways Sealcoating Asphalt Prevents Water Damage

Water is an interesting element due to the duality of its nature. This same combination of hydrogen and oxygen that is so essential to life can also be responsible for a variety of natural disasters as well as destruction. Although sometimes the scars that water leaves behind are truly magnificent, take the Grand Canyon for example, they are not always this fascinating especially when the damage is caused to personal property that will be costly to replace or repair.

An example of this would be asphalt pavement that has been overexposed to rain or other sources of moisture. This will inevitably lead to cracking and splitting of your pavement  that will need to be addressed immediately in order to prevent any further damage from occurring. This is done by sealing the cracks closed with the proper cracksealant. Thankfully there is a simple solution to add to the protection of your asphalt. That solution is a properly applied sealcoating for your asphalt pavement such as that offered by New England Sealcoating.

Although sealcoating does not fix any existing cracks or other issues, it is extremely useful when looking to prevent these problems from developing in the first place. The reason for this is because sealcoating works to protect your asphalt and increase its lifespan by reducing damage that is typically caused by moisture such as rain and snow, vehicles fluids, sun exposure and more. Not only does a regular sealcoating help to protect your surface from these numerous sources of moisture but it also works to keep your asphalt pavement looking new and aesthetically appealing.

Despite the fact that sealcoating your asphalt pavement protects it from a variety of different sources of moisture, it does not actually do away with the moisture altogether which is why it is crucial that you keep in mind where the water will be directed while asphalt is paved. Managing water directive requires a lot of different considerations from where water might collect, where it can go, and much more. Allowing water to collect and remain puddled on your pavement surface is the worst thing you can do as many know, given enough time on a surface water will most likely find a way to damage the pavement it despite your best attempts to stop it.



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