Our Team

Craig Swain

President & Owner

Craig began working at NESCO in the summer of 1973 before heading to Bowdoin College gaining a Bachelors Degree. In his first two summers he spent striping the lines on Tennis and Basketball Courts in the first summer he and another laborer striped over 1,500 Tennis Courts.

Craig in his third year with NESCO was moved from striping Tennis & Basketball courts to the Sealcoating and Color coating crew. Shortly after the switch he became a crew foreman. In 1982 he became a salesman/foreman. Craig was out on the road selling to customers during the week and working on sealcoating crews on the weekends.

Eventually selling, coordinating jobs and over seeing operations became more of his job. In 1987 Craig became 50% owner of New England Sealcoating, and in 2011 he became the sole owner. Craig has been in the business for over 50 years. He started from the bottom and has worked his way to owning this business. There is not much in the pavement maintenance business he has not seen. He is still on the road everyday meeting customers, coordinating jobs, and tries his best to be on site when work is being done. Do not be surprised to see a guy in khaki pants and a dress shirt behind a blower or working a squeegee on any of our jobs. Craig does what needs to be done to get the job done.

Jay Muir

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Jay joined NESCO in 2007, he has brought years of knowledge and experience to us. Jay attended Northeastern University graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree. Jay started in the business by working for General Contractors in college, and eventually it led into becoming a business owner for over 25 years. Jay is responsible for expanding the business by exploring new products and services that both compliment and are parallel to our position as a leader in the pavement maintenance industry.  When Jay joined NESCO it brought us someone who can manage customer relationships and our reputation that we stride for.

Tony Centeio

Production Manager

Tony has been with NESCO since 1987. He began as a laborer working only summers while in College at the University of Miami. After only working summers for those four years Tony became a full season employee for NESCO. Tony decided the family atmosphere and personable manner in which all employees were treated made his decision an easy one.

Eventually progressing from a laborer to a foreman with his own crew, Tony is now NESCO’s production manager and has been in this position since 1998. Tony oversees all crew members, scheduling, hiring process, and training needed for the crew members. Tony also does all of NESCO’s ordering of materials and equipment needed for all aspects of production.

Having dedicated a great part of his life to the company in business since 1945, he takes great pride in knowing that all of his crews strive to provide not only the greatest customer satisfaction, but the best quality of work in the pavement maintenance and sport court industry.

Lisa Estabrooks

Operations Manager

Lisa has been the Operations Manager at New England Sealcoating for over 22 years. She brings over 35 years of Management and Finance experience in both the private and public sectors. Lisa’s responsibilities are to oversee the entire operation of NESCO to ensure that things run smoothly including the areas of Human Resources, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Compliance, Regulatory changes and Risk assessment. Lisa is a great asset to our company, and helping NESCO to exceed in all aspects possible in the industry.