Benefits of Colorocating

Wow, you just spent $30,000.00 for your new tennis court. Now, should you spend another $4,500.00 to $5,000.00 to colorcoat the new asphalt or should you just paint the playing lines on it?

You bet you should have it colorcoated! Here are three reasons why you should colorcoat your tennis court.

  1. Colorcoating protects the new asphalt from the damaging UV rays of the sun(the sun is trying to turn your asphalt back into gravel).
  2. It provides a rich and aesthetically pleasing contrast for ball visibility.
  3. Colorcoating provides an evenly textures surface for a consistent ball bounce and speed for sure footed traction for you and your opponents.

Ok, you decided to colorcoat the new court. Next you want to make sure the coating contractor applies the coating with a squeegee NOT a roller. A sport squeegee with 50-60 durometer softness of rubber is ideal for the application of colorcoating. This is important because a court that is squeegee applied will have a thicker coating (3 coats in total should be applied) which will last a lot longer. The thinner surface will simply not wear well if the colorcoating is rolled on. Remember, new evenly rolled and properly compacted asphalt is still very porous.

As the squeegee passes over the asphalt it leaves the coating in the pores and wipes away most of the excess coating from the high spots eliminating the roughness and porosity. The roller can only coat everything evenly; resulting in a texture almost the same as the original asphalt surface. The colorcoating material does not want to go deep into the pores when applied by a roller. Every coat rolled on after the first would have the same dynamic. The finished court surface would look almost as rough and pitted as the original asphalt.

NESCORedTennis_beforeNESCORedTennis_afterColor Tennis (33)

Before Colorcoating    After Colorcoating      Squeegee Applying                                                                                                                     Colorcoating