Catch Basin Repairs

Catch basins are usually an out of sight, out of mind portion of the parking lot until sinkholes develop in your asphalt causing major problems and liability hazards. Catch Basins are an important part to your parking lot structure. Catch basin repairs can range from a simple rebuild of your existing man hole to a complete replacement of the entire drainage system.

Yearly inspections and evaluations of your catch basins, along with timely repairs will prevent costly future repairs. Replacement of a few blocks or bricks, some mortar or repairing a bent grate will keep your parking lot drainage system working properly.

Why do catch basins fail over time? Blocks and bricks used to construct your catch basins begin to fail and deteriorate. This is mainly due to water intrusion through cracks in the asphalt surrounding the catch basin. The water will undermine and erode the base materials which support your asphalt. Winters in New England are particularly tough on manholes and catch basins. If salt is used in the winter time the water will carry the salt into the basin and will deteriorate the mortar that holds the bricks or blocks together causing them to become loose and fall into the basin. Once the blocks and bricks are deteriorated, the main structure is no longer secured.  Cars driving, parking over them or even snowplows hitting them will create more stress on the loose bricks or blocks and grates.  This makes the entire top structure sink, creating more liabilities. If the surrounding asphalt or concrete around your catch basin is cracked or heaved, it may be time to get your manhole and catch basin repair done.

A good contractor can quickly and efficiently barricade the damaged area without disrupting the flow of traffic in your parking lot. Will remove and replace all deteriorated blocks, bricks and mortar, or pre cast insert, re-level the existing grate and replace the failed concrete or asphalt, giving you a structurally sound catch basin. Once the surrounding asphalt or concrete apron is replaced your catch basin will be back to original engineered specifications.

If your manhole or catch basin needs some attention, contact us today for your FREE estimate to get the repairs done right the first time.


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Before Repairs                                             After repairs