Cleaning your Tennis Court

We are constantly asked about how to clean the tennis court.  Keeping your tennis court playable is not really a hard task.  There are some simple things you can do to keep your court well maintained and doing so will make your court last longer. It will also provide you with a better playing experience.  Maintaining your tennis courts generally depends on the kind of court surface you have.

When it comes to the most basic method of cleaning your tennis courts : using a drag broom to sweep off debris, dust and dirt after playing will do.  Rainwater removal can be done using rubber mops ( squeegee ) or foam rollers.  Still, a lot of minor problems become a major problem simply because they are neglected.  To remedy that, here are some of the does that you should remember in caring for your tennis courts.  Do remove the stains using a cleaning solution of mild soap and water.  If this doesn’t work use a special stain removal solution instead.  However, you might damage your courts even more by using the wrong kind of product so it’s better to leave the task to the professionals if your first attempt of removing the stains fails.

Do wear tennis shoes; they are specifically made for tennis court surfaces so they don’t leave any scuff marks on the surface.  Pressure wash your hard courts for the best way to clean them.  Pressure washing buys you time before you will need a new coat of paint for your tennis courts and they are like polishers too.  Pressure washing makes your tennis court look freshly painted like brand new.  HOWEVER, don’t use pressure washing unless you know how to properly do it. It is important you do not use full pressure or it may mark up your court or ruin the coatings on it. It is better to wash multiple times using a low pressure.

Paint your courts when needed, especially when the acrylic surface is starting to wear out.  Once a month watch for evidence of mold or mildew in the shaded areas and corners where organic debris tend to accumulate.  Acrylic coatings do not support fungus growth, so growth of fungus or mold is a result from food and drink spills, decaying matter, or other foreign materials on the surface feeding these organisms.  Rain showers help clean your court.  However, dirt accumulates in standing water, leaving stains and piles of debris.  Remove any standing water.  The accumulated debris acts like sandpaper under the players’ feet and creates abrasion on the surface.  Remove water from birdbaths as often as possible. So, some simple steps help keep that beautiful surface stay in play.