Har-Tru vs asphalt Tennis Courts

You have decided to build a tennis court, you just have yet to decide what kind. Here are some tips that may help you decide which is best for you. The question is asphalt court or Har-Tru clay tennis court.  Well let’s look at the maintenance of both courts.

On your new asphalt court there is no daily maintenance.  You need to sweep it to remove leaves and debris as needed.  You should power wash every 2-3 years.  Long term, you should recoat the court once every 5-7 years. The cost of an asphalt court can be more than a Har-Tru Clay court, but you are able to spend more time playing on it and a lot less time maintaining it.

The hard-try clay is actually a naturally green stone found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Every time you play on it you need to brush the court right to the edges.  Even if you don’t  play on it you should brush it once a week.  You will also have to brush the clay off the lines.  You must also water the court to keep the surface stable.  Remember to take your shoes off before you go indoors so you don’t track the clay all over your house.

To take a look what you are going to need on a weekly basis to keep up the clay court. To get started you will need: clay court roller, water removers, court rakes, drag brooms, drag mats, growth control products for weeds, leaf removers, line brushes, line tape and nails,  scarifiers, shovels, extra clay court material, and don’t forget the sprinkler and hose to water the clay. Clay courts are a lot of work and the initial install cost less than an asphalt court. But in the long run you may not want something you have to maintain weekly. Also, every spring in New England the court needs to be redone. New Har-Tru installed and the lines put back down.

It can be a hard decision to make. If you want to make that leap and pay for your court initially or long term is the real question you should ask yourself. If you are an avid player and really enjoy the game and use it a lot and work a full time job, maybe a Har-Tru Clay Court is more than you can handle to maintain weekly. Just make sure whatever your decision, you get your use out of the court.

drag clay tchar tru clay court

Some equipment for Har Tru Clay Courts

PW TCColor Tennis (33)

                             Asphalt court maintenance- pressure

                                         washing and colorcoating

har tru clay dia

Har-Tru Clay Court Diagram

layers on asphalt tc

Asphalt Court Diagram


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