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Crack Repair Systems

The ARMOR® Crack Repair System utilizes a knitted fabric that will expand as the crack widens. The secret to making this repair work is how it is purposely NOT bonded to the court in the vicinity of the crack, thereby allowing more of the fabric to absorb any movement or growth of the crack without the fabric tearing or delaminating from the surface. Thus, the reason why the ARMOR® Crack Repair System works so well is that it effectively spreads the stress of the crack over a wide area of expandable fabric-other brand name repair “systems” do not do this.

The RITEWAY® Crack Repair System utilizes a micro-technology that allows the existing cracks on your court to move without breaking the membrane of this system. Many who have tried other systems have complained about “dead spots”, “hollow sounds” and “bubbling”. Although these other systems have proven to keep cracks from coming back, the RiteWay® Crack Repair System not only keeps cracks from coming back, but its micro-technology does not have any dead spots, hollow sounds or bubbling. We even offer a 2-year warranty on existing cracks from returning.

The TitanTrax Shield® forms a long term cover over your court to fix the cracks and to make sure that new cracks do not appear.
The Shield protects and shields the pavement below from the elements and further deterioration.

Color Coating Systems

Outstanding performance is the key to the best playability, and that’s what you get with LATEX-ITE®. A Surface that assures the player both sure-footedness and a consistent ball bounce. You can even vary the “playing speed” to render a slow, medium, or fast court. This revolutionary space age fiber, which is added to the 100%acrylic binder, is how we’re able to assure you of trouble free playing and enjoyment for years to come. Thanks to the extra strength of these fibers, LATEX-ITE surfaced consistently outlast the competition.

DecoColor® resists ultraviolet degradation and withsyands severe weather conditions. Deep, rich pigments create vibrant long lasting colors for your court. Engineered using the latest acrylic polymer technology DecoColor® endures the toughest of conditions. DecoColor® is celebrating 30 years at the US Open and DecoTurf® was used as the official tennis surface for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

SportMaster® tennis court surfaces are technically advanced, 100% acrylic sports surfaces. Many people refer to tennis court surfaces as “tennis court paint”, but SportMaster systems are designed to provide consistent speed of play, texture, and vibrant color to any indoor or outdoor facility. SportMaster tennis court surfaces are formulated to resist fading and withstand a variety of weather conditions from ice and snow to intense heat and ultra-violet rays.

Dynaflex® Acrylic Resurfacer is a premium quality, pigmented, acrylic emulsion. Dynaflex contains high tensile strength geotextile fibers for greater toughness, flexibility and longer service life. The product is also formulated with a surfactant package which promotes superior adhesion to concrete or asphalt surfaces. Dynaflex contains no asbestos or mercury.

Cushion Coating Systems

DecoTurf® is the most recognized tennis court surface in the world. It is selected for use at the world’s most prestigious events including the Olympic Games, the US Open since 1978, seven of the ten US Open Series tournaments, the NCAA championships and many other tournaments around the world. We offer numerous multi-layer tennis court systems to accomodate all types of play, at competitive pricing. From tournament director to collegiate coach, architect to homeowner, professionals demand DecoTurf® tennis court surfaces. If you want to play like a pro, make sure you’re playing on a Deco surface.

The SportMaster ProCushion® System is the ultimate professional and residential cushioned option for tennis court surfaces. This 100% acrylic coating system is designed to provide optimum resilience and spin responsive play. The shock absorbing layers of the ProCushion system provide unparalleled player comfort at an affordable cost. Flexible acrylic binders maximize the feel of the rubber granules for decades after application.

Seal Coating Products

Jennite® is a premium quality pavement coating composed of refined coal tar that is fortified with rubber prior to emulsification. The resulting high solids product can be applied with no dilution. In addition, Jennite contains a unique surfactant formulation which allows greater compatibility with asphalt surfaces.

Locking out spills and protecting against the elements, Tarconite® delivers a rich, smooth, black finish that’s unparalleled in the marketplace, year after year. When appearance and protection are foremost in your mind, invest in Tarconite.

Neyra Force® is chemically reinforced to enhance the adhesion to the asphalt pavement, rejuvenating the surface and preventing
raveling. Contains proprietary high molecular weight petroleum resin which creates tough and long lasting protection. Neyra Force forms a tight seal creating an impenetrable barrier that protects against the destructive effects of sun, water & chemicals, giving your pavement a deep black color and making it easier to clean. Neyra Force is a low VOC, non-flammable coating that emits no obnoxious odors or fumes and contains no coal tar.

Polyprime® is a multi-polymer penetrating primer in concentrated form. It is specifically formulated to rejuvenate oxidized pavement surfaces, allowing greatly improved adhesion of pavement sealer.

Crack Sealing Products

Crack Rite® Hot Pour Joint Sealant is a high quality, ASTM certified hot-applied joint sealant compatible with both direct fire and oil jackets kettles. This joint sealant is a high quality, time tested formula that is easy to apply and traffic ready in 15 minutes.

Maxwell Elastoflex

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