Root Invasion

Invasive tree roots are a common problem for homeowners and in commercial settings. They sneak into septic lines, under sidewalks, and can ruin asphalt courts (i.e. Tennis and Basketball Courts) by causing trip hazards. Tree roots can reach up to 20 feet from the center of the truck seeking moisture from under the asphalt. The type of tree or shrub planted near or around the court is of great importance due to the differences in their roots.

Some will produce surface roots and others will grow straight down. Many homeowners have no choice but to fit courts into their backyards with mature trees already existing. The answer when building a court is a root barrier around the trees or the court.

Root Barriers were developed and have progressed since 1992. From concrete in the beginning which would crack and fail to specific types of plastics. Remember, cutting down a tree may not kill the root system, the stump and roots may continue to grow. You must grind the stump and cover it with soil.

Does your asphalt look like this?
tree roots asphalt

The roots underground look like this

tree with roots

Asphalt barriers like these below, may help your asphalt

barrier root asphalt photo