Safety for Pedestrians and Vehicular Traffic

Did you know your commercial insurance can choose not to renew your policy due to parking lot conditions? Not only are some things over looked, but insurance companies do not want pedestrian and vehicular traffic to be at risk due to negligence on the property owners part.

Here in New England we have some harsh weather year round; from the bitter cold and snowy months to spring time. As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”, we usually get a bit of rain in the spring time. Then comes summer we all wait for it to finally arrive and usually it does arrive in mid-June. Summer usually brings heat the humidity is what we dread. So with the spring and summer we have temperatures that vary from freezing some years in spring to almost 100 degrees with moisture in the summer months.

These temperature fluctuations wreak havoc on our paved surfaces. Which means there should be on going pavement maintenance. To help prevent any accidents relating to mother nature’s temperature fluctuations or even the water tables that run underground all year. All property owners that have parking lots should have a maintenance programs in place.

The best way to tell if your asphalt surface needs some attention is cracking. Cracking is the first sign that some maintenance really should be considered; and not just for safety, but for the longevity in the life of your asphalt. If you see cracks, it’s time to get them filled in before all the snow and ice allows moisture and water to seep into the sub-base material deteriorating the asphalt from within.

The emergency and safety related repairs we have all seen and had our own experiences with. The horrible potholes, even sink holes and sunken storm drains (catch basins). These types of asphalt issues are the biggest concern for all property owners with paved surfaces. No one wants to think a puddle is a puddle and it’s really a 2 feet deep pothole. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic are at risk due to these situations. It’s better to get it fixed the right way than to get the dreaded call that someone got hurt on your property.

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