Spring has sprung!

Just about everything benefits from preventative maintenance. Your home, body, car and parking lot all require maintenance for it to last.

Due to the cost of replacing your asphalt is it very important to maintain it and extend it’s life. Most people wait until the pavement is seriously fatigued before they even think about their parking lot. The parking lot is just something you park on. Most people don’t even think too much about it until there are some problems. At this point there usually are more than one problem. Many times it is too late for anything to be done.

If your pavement is not too far gone, sealcoating your parking lot in the spring and summer months; maybe something you may want to consider. If constructed properly the major enemies of your asphalt are the sun, water and chemical spills.

The major benefits of sealcoating are:

  1. Protects the pavement from the sun. The UV rays from the sun dry out the binders or oxidize the pavement. When you see the color of asphalt going from black to gray, the oxidation process is happening. The pavement is being dried out and losing its flexibility. The result is it will begin to crack and unravel a lot easier. The sealer acts like a sunscreen for your asphalt. It is blocking out the harmful UV rays that will age your lot.
  2. Protects your pavement from harmful chemicals. Certain chemicals such as oil or gas and many other automotive products, if spilled or dripped on your pavement will soften and damage your asphalt. Sealer will protect the parking lot from these such spills, for a period of time. If the spills are not cleaned up or are continuous eventually the chemical may go through the sealer.
  3. Protects the pavement from water penetration. One of the major causes of parking lot problems, is water. Water in the sub base leads to major problems down the road.
  4. The black color helps melt snow and ice faster by absorbing the sun.
  5. Improves appearance. The new dark color of sealcoating improves the look of your aging pavement, your landscaping and building. First appearances are sometime important when people come to your property. The parking lot is usually one of the first things they see.

If done properly and under the correct conditions, sealcoating will last and protect one of the most valuable parts of your property.

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