Summer is over

The summer is over. Daylight savings is over and the daylight hours are getting shorter. What this means is the dreaded winter is right around the corner. During the winter months the water and frost thaw cycle can do some serious damage to your asphalt.

It’s time for some preventative maintenance before it is too late. Repair all your holes and seal shut the cracks in your parking lot. You want to try and make your parking lot water tight. Water penetrating the sub base by way of open cracks may lead to these sections of your parking lots base being undermined, which will lead to holes. The freeze thaw cycle and water under the pavement  will also help with more cracking, which them leads to alligatoring and then holes.

Before the winter you want to basically seal the cracks shut with a flexible joint to keep water from penetrating the sub base by way of your cracks. The cracks actually open and close during temperature changes. You need a material that will move with the crack. Hot pour crack fillers if installed properly will solve the problem. There are many different types on the market. You want to make sure you are having the sealant that is appropriate for the size of your crack and the climate conditions you are in.Some crack fillers need to be more flexible for cold temperature areas like New England. Others need to be less sensitive to heat in areas like Florida and Texas. You also want to make sure the crack sealant is also installed according to the specifications of that material.

Soon our parking lots and roads will look like this, let us help you prepare for winter.

Winter Parking Lot           winter-storm-new-england

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