Tennis Owners beware of paintballers!

Last summer I came across a first on a tennis court. A customer of ours son had been shooting his paint ball guns off in the back yard near his tennis court. A stray paint ball was landing on the court on occasion. No one thought much about it since paint balls splatters usually just come right off in the rain.

The next time they went to play tennis they found where the paint ball had landed, the ball was actually tearing up the colorcoating and in some spots a little bit of the asphalt! They were actually making small holes in the court as they dried out in the sun.

The customer called us right away. We immediately scraped off the remaining splatter from the paint balls. To make sure all the paint was off the court we gave it a good power washing. We then patched each hole with Court Patch Binder and then colorcoated over the repair trying to match the green the best we could.

Make sure you wash off any paint ball paint on any coated or asphalt surface as soon as possible, this is what it looks like when it is not washed off.

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