Line Striping

Our Process

We offer a full range of line marking services, such as crosswalks, pedestrian and jogger trails, words, symbols, custom ideas and colors.

New England Sealcoating is up to date on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Regulations and can help maximize your parking spaces and enhance traffic flow. The ADA has established that every facility covered by Title III have at least one handicap parking place. After that, it has determined that a specified number of handicap spaces be included for each set number of regular parking stalls.

Reconfiguring an Existing Layout

If the parking layout is changed, the old lines should be ground off or masked with black line paint, prior to sealcoating. This will retard bleed through of the old lines as the pavement ages.

ADA Parking Space Dimensions

Lot Sizes

Each parking lot must have at least one parking stall accessible to vans. If the lot has more than eight spaces, it needs to have at least one van-accessible space for every eight handicap-accessible parking stalls.

Total in Parking LotMinimum number of required accessible spaces
1 to 251
26 to 502
501-10002% of total
More than 100020 + 1 for every 100 over 1000