Tennis Court Repairs & Color Coating

Our Process

Just like other paved surfaces, tennis courts require periodic maintenance. Sun, rain, snow, freezing and thawing cycles and ongoing use all take their toll on courts. New England Sealcoating’s experts have the experience and special training needed to clean, repair and restore any tennis court. From complete renovations to simple net post repairs, we deliver a comprehensive solution for every problem with your asphalt tennis courts.

Tennis Court problems we repair and improvements we offer include:

  • Courts that are hard on your knees
  • Worn/Faded Color Coating
  • Worn/Faded Lines
  • Cushioned Court Surfaces
  • Crack Repair
  • Low Area Repair
  • Bent/Heaved Net Post Repair
  • Algae Growth Removal
  • Accessories
  • and much more…

Before & After

Crack Repair

Cracks on court surfaces require special treatment to be repaired properly. Expansion and contraction must be considered while preserving the playability of the court surface. Improperly repaired cracks will create dead spots on the court and fail sooner, leading to additional costly repairs.

New England Sealcoating is trained, experienced and authorized to install the best Crack Repair systems in the industry. The ARMOR® Crack Repair System and The RITEWAY® Crack Repair System.

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Color Coatings

New England Sealcoating is trained and authorized to apply special color coating systems from California Products Corporation, makers of the DecoColor® and DecoTurf® systems, Dalton Latexite and SportsMaster court surfacing systems.

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Cushion Coating

Cushion Coatings provide a comfortable, easy-on-the-knees court that will reduce fatique and make your playing time more enjoyable. Older players will appreciate the comfort of cushion coating. Shin splint injuries are reduced by the shock absorbing qualities while still providing sure footing for players.

New England Sealcoating is experienced, fully trained and authorized to install the best systems in the industry.

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Pressure Washing

The process of Pressure washing any recreational court surface has many benefits. When pressure washing is done regularly it helps to give the court surface the longevity it should have. Especially courts that are shaded for any length of time during the day. These courts are more prone to build up algae, moss and debris than sunny courts. Algae, mold and debris on any recreational surface need to be removed as soon as possible. It can be a safety issue for play because it makes the surface very slick and slippery if not removed. It can also cause discoloration, premature cracking and low spots from being on the surface for extended periods of time. These issues can cause the surface to fail earlier than a court that has free of any debris.

Laying Out & Striping Playing Lines

For over 74 years New England Sealcoating has been painting Tennis and Basketball Playing lines by hand. This process includes, chalk lining everything out, taping the typical 2” width for playing lines out precisely to specifications all by hand. New England Sealcoating only uses 100% acrylic line paint specified for Recreational Courts. This process leaves the finished product of a restored or brand new court surface in the best playing conditions with clear and crisp on point playing lines.

Product Information

Crack Repair