Play Graphics & Logos

Our Process

New England Sealcoating specializes in Acrylic Color Coating Systems, Crack Repair, Cushion Coatings and Pressure Washing for Playgrounds, Inline Skating Facilities, Skate Parks and related Recreational surfaces. From Hopscotch layouts to detailed Logo markings, our experts can repair, restore and enhance any recreational paved surface with the best coatings and repair systems available.

For bigger canvas or other surface to paint on, artists have to stand. It’s very hard to sit and paint on something large, you need to be able to step back and view your painting as a whole from a bit of distance to get a perspective. It gives you advantage to paint standing, sitting and in different positions. Unlike some art, that is painted in a stationary position or just standing in front of an easel. We have an artist who hand paints all of our play graphics and logos to scale for custom jobs with custom colors.